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My name is Joe Jesser and this site is dedicated to the restoration of my 1969 Mustang. The car was purchased on 23 Feb 1998 for $2300. After searching for about 3 years, I finally decided to buy this particular car because of the condition of the underbody. The car did need a new passenger Quarter Panel and a tail light panel, but everything else was in pretty good shape. The links on the left will guide you to specific regions of the restoration. Enjoy!

This project took me 5 years to complete and alot of money. I started buying parts before I bought the car. All the work except paint and body was done by me. I am a Network Engineer in San Diego California. I have too many pictures to list on my site, so I chose a select few. Since the car is finished I will post pics from shows and stats from the track. Please feel free to browse the site and E-mail me if you would like some ideas or just want to comment on my work. Thank you!

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